Tips : how to control anger

We all have times when our anger is a bit out of control. However, some people may rarely calm and present a particular threat to them and their well-being because of his anger. anger

Here are some tips to calm if you are angry most often: control

Take time

I know this may seem a silly point . But take a moment when you are angry, in minutes , somewhere no one can see if you can take a few deep breaths and understand the situation was really worth getting angry about - works. anger

Think before you act

Think before you act can be very powerful. You can learn to reduce your anger before it even gets to you, and when you catch your thoughts with success before you get mad , you are well on your way to handle your anger. control
It may take some time, but be happy when you just realized first, just understand the exact process that makes you angry . Then you can work on the realization of what is happening inside earlier and earlier , before you can stop.


Many people are angry because they work all day in the office, was noted for his work and his work , and simply have no way out.
They usually do not have time to exercise , or at least what they think. But not a regular exercise brings a lot of tension , we must give priority to find time to run, weights, or at least a walk - anything as long as you keep the body moving.
You will feel better for it - the exercise will reduce or eliminate stress completely .

Use Humor

Using humor as a mechanism to suppress their anger is much more socially acceptable and much healthier for you. tips
Try to understand what is funny in a situation that makes you angry . Try to force yourself to laugh first, and then laughter can come naturally.
Our brain does not know the difference between laughing and laughing , of course , by the way - which is why so many people who aspire to his superiors seem to really enjoy the company of superiors.

Relax ! It's easy . There are many ways you can try to relax - take a long relaxing walk in the park , staring at the TV all day selected , get a massage or going to a hypnotist to help you relax , or maybe even the year.
When you are relaxed , it will be much harder to get angry.

I really hope these tips will help . All you have to do is put them into action and positive change . tips

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