Learn Lessons : Group Conflicts

Being in a group situation means you have to know something about conflict management . I have not been in a group that worked smoothly all the time. Why voltages are varied as the people involved. These are the lessons I learn teamwork : Group

1) clearly defined procedures : these include how to communicate and what the process is, in case of conflict, the frequency will be the group meeting , the roles and function description . It is a "go to" manual when necessary. To start a project / program without this gives the group a confusing manner . Group

2) good leader : preferably with mediation techniques. Someone who trusts the team to be impartial and that is a good listener . It is the role of the leader to keep track events . It is not always easy to find all these qualities in one person , so I've seen the group assigned these functions. As all members know who is the go-to be disagreements will be handled efficiently. Conflicts learn

3) Transparency is the key to project success : maintaining open channels of communication and make information accessible to all members of the group. Report regularly on the progress of the team to all stakeholders helps to maintain good relations . Conflicts
I tried to get a broken to put the matter to a vote by all members of the liaison group . The conduct of transparency vary send messages to all members on all issues ( be able to have a separate box for this letter !) Or the beginning of each meeting with a "check in " where each member of the group discusses everything that is on your mind .

4) " Do not take it personally ," I can not tell you many times I said to myself and always makes me jerk reaction out of another offensive , insulting When I comment . do not say that to me , I used to respond with anger and blurt out whatever is on my mind at the time. But gradually I realized that does not help the problem. Conflicts
By mental counting , deep breathing , I got a handle on my anger. This brings me to my next suggestion , learn to eliminate stress.

5) Make a break ! Work is important , but that's life . Take a break from doing what you love. In my case, it is to create , write and dance. I will not hit the treadmill, but I can dance up a storm at any Zumba or Mumbo . Find a way to stop thinking about the problem at hand , so that you can approach it with a fresh mind tomorrow. I like to combine this period with the endorphins released during exercise activity will make me happy and sleep in peace. Journal can help you clarify your thoughts , maybe even put things in perspective. My favorite things to write in my journal is " Main achievements of today. " It could be as simple as cooking a new dish. Conflicts

There is no miracle solution to the conflict , but these measures have worked to make me more balanced in my views . After all, is not the management of conflicts over how we perceive and react to that? I'd like to hear your experiences of conflict and what worked for you! Conflicts

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