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We've all been there. The growing tension, increased heart rate, and feeling like the one we could explode - yes, we were all angry. He also said that probably control our anger is "good". No wonder that sometimes things do not go as planned and we can end up feeling volcanic rage. how handled

Why do women get so angry? ladies
A recent article in the Daily Mail has highlighted the concern of many women feel about their difficulty managing their anger. Lisa describes how she threw the textbook your child across the room when a school, Charlotte businessperson explains how even small things can trigger an explosion of fury, and sculptor Sally explains how he lost several jobs running late because of his angry rants.

There are many tips to increase the number of women who think their anger is out of control, including the pressures of work and the management of a household, managing stress at work, the life -changing events such as divorce or trauma hidden for long. ladies
Why do women feel the need to control your anger?
how handled
Traditionally, there has been an unwritten expectation that women must overcome their feelings and maintain an imperturbable appearance; think the reference to the swan often cited, which seems serene as you glide along the river , but paddling furiously underwater.
Women are led to believe that the expression of emotions is detrimental to the outside, and it is important to protect others from his "irrational" behavior. But is this true?

The science of anger how ladies
Evidence suggests that repression continues emotions have a serious impact on our health. The theory of Dr. Deepak Chopra "cell cure" indicates that the cells retain memories ghosts retained when regenerate, leading to physical problems. However, those who had survived a serious illness can access this memory cell and release the negative emotions that new cells were unchanged. Research by Dr. Candace Pert shows that the suppression of emotions releases chemicals that block cell receptors, causing long-term damage potential, while the expression of emotions, keeps wide receivers.

How can we release our anger safely? ladies
Taking the dishes your partner is unhealthy and expensive. What you need is a safe for your anger without distress to the environment around you. If you have trouble controlling their anger, frustration trying to scream, shout their anger, and even enjoy a therapy session to hit a beanbag with a baseball bat, so you can express anger safely.
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So when the turmoil of today seems too much, and her mother-in - law criticized her kitchen once too, why not try the tantrum and quit safely?
how handled

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