A sacred vow : Why I never marry an American woman

The idea of marrying an American woman literally terrifies me .
I cannot handle a sexual relationship with a person for the rest of my life? I am unable to settle down? Am I afraid of commitment? Well , no ... not exactly. This is due to marry an American woman is probably preparing their marriage to fail .
woman Marry
It is sad that in the U.S., over 60% of marriages end in divorce. Even sadder is that almost 75 % of divorces are you initiated by women , despite the objections of the man (the remaining 25 % are divorced or consensual divorce initiated by the husband , despite the objections of women these two categories are about half and half in the remaining 25 %). These are all conservative numbers , incidentally, were rounded up for simplicity. Therefore, if 60 % of marriages end in divorce and 75 % of those who are initiated by women , we can do the math to combine these percentages: ( 0.75 ( 0.6) ) x 100 = 45 .
woman Marry

There are at least a 45% probability that each time a man marries an American woman , the woman will want a divorce at some point. You have more chance of surviving Russian roulette !
Also, a man is much more likely to commit suicide within two years after the divorce of the average man . In Russian roulette , indeed. American women literally become the man - destroyers.
The major impediment to the marriage is women themselves. The figures reveal that they are family - saboteurs. Marrying an American woman is a risky business for us , guys. What do American women want : a husband or a complete fantasy Electronics ? They often act as if they think their devices are more valuable than human unnecessary pieces currently facing .

Think about it: there is the possibility of more than two in five American woman is unable to collect the love and commitment needed to make a marriage work ! The figures show that wives are ugly and do not even think of their wedding vows mean much. woman Marry
Why get married ? Honestly , why the hell should Flamboyant even consider marrying one ? ! Have you ever reached into a pile of garbage , if there is a possibility of more than two in five that someone suddenly hit the 'on' switch ? He is putting his face on fire! He is pure and simple problems.
woman Marry

Marry an American girl is probably one of the worst things you could do with your life . Just do a simple cost / benefit, that's what the numbers show !
Women often plan their divorce in advance , the husband seems to always be the last to know and many men say they were surprised when the bomb drops sharply . Many had no idea of marriage still struggling ... Naturally, the course for everyone is that men must be idiots for not picking up on the subtle signs that your marriage is in trouble .

But is it really because men are insensitive idiots or because women are simply too good for being privy to his machinations ? Despite the fact that women say that men who cannot communicate , many women find that their husbands deliberate on the state of their marriage until the last minute . woman Marry
In response to the answer back in the past a reader, I described once getting the girl in the end not as a victory, but like an idiot - price or wrapped in a victory defeat. Well, here is one of the great ironies of the feminine Latin : If you're the kind of man who can support her shit and she wins in the end ( and fall in love and marry) , then there is a high probability that liked shortcut marriage (!)

I can only conclude that marrying an American woman is just poisoned candy ! Be with you all the time you can get pleasure and profit you. And every time it hits your fancy, will fall - kick to the curb after she did. And yet, some of these are contempt that men "cannot commit" happily divorced. woman Marry
Perhaps the reason I say that men do not agree that women are really easy to get commitments on how someone could change a pair of socks ? But no, no - it must be the man 's fault. If a woman has divorced her husband , then it is because the man was the problem and certainly not the person who contacted his lawyer to ask the divorce papers .

Sacred Vow is the time ...
Today, I formally you declare a sacred vow . I could have suggested in the past , and I do not think I've never officially said so far ... but here goes. Now and forever listening : Never let an American woman I marry my life !
That is true. Here and now, I'm officially not the entire female population of the U.S. as a group that is not for the commitment of marriage . Chances are that you simply are not able to maintain a marriage . Chances are that they are incompetent when it comes to fulfill their marriage vows.
woman American

Most likely not have the skills to recognize the basic human needs are not satisfied with their partner. These are generally short humans, sunken . Yes , I suggested something along these lines several times before but always left open the possibility that maybe , by some miracle , there could be an American woman out there that does not suck . (And yes, he may have done one or two American women out there that does not suck . ) However , these statistics ... and are rounding down ! * Shiver . * Prefer to follow a low-risk women . A woman who really serious about marriage. This is too risky proposition. woman

American women not only provide satisfactory or stable relationships !
It's a shame , because I know it would make a great husband one day. I want a successful marriage , and more than sixty - percent chance that the act of marrying an American woman says that my marriage will not be successful ... and, in addition , there will be an opportunity to more than two of every five that no matter how I am committed to the relationship , the woman will always try to rescue me at any given time.
woman American
Among his professional aspirations , the need for independence and the fact that the average American women like to see men as unnecessarily redundant anyway - just no place for a stable marriage psyche in such conflict. Yes , some countries have even higher than the U.S. Some countries of the former Soviet Union have the highest divorce rates in the 60th percentile rates of divorce ... most of these countries , however , have experienced extreme levels of economic crisis, social dislocation , political instability and rising crime levels .

Naturally , there are many reasons why families are under pressure in places like Ukraine and Belarus. But America is a society with a relatively functioning economy where public services are not falling apart left and right and where anarchy is not endemic ... In short, women in the United States has no exigent circumstances that put their families under tremendous amount of stress. woman American

So why the families of American women fragmentation in these figures?
I'm sure there are perfectly legitimate reasons for a woman who wants to leave her husband ... but man is necessarily always the problem ? I do not think anyone can get an honest answer of why women divorce - women do not know how to reach their own conclusions than half the time! But you can be sure that whatever their reasons to justify your divorce with X number of charges , will always be a convenient excuse . She feels trapped in an unhappy relationship perhaps, or not enough of their needs met by her husband, or her husband spends a lot of time at work ...
Or sometimes women marry because they just want to have children . Once the children are raised , the man is no longer useful and can be safely disposed of . It is not necessary , inasmuch as it relates .

And you realize : whenever a divorced woman talks about her ex-husband, it's still unmistakably fault that she decided to end the relationship. Arrogant belief in his own righteousness begin to bleed - through clearly . She will be able to gab on and on about who was at fault (and never of sound ) . All this brings us back to the issue of women responsible for contempt. woman

Women prefer to believe that the weakest excuses could even suggest to take some responsibility for their divorce.
Think about it : even if the woman plans to divorce, initiated and carried out , is not responsible for the planning, initiation or execution of the decision to never fall out over her shoulders. Or, in some cases , could be complete lies about the man who abused her and her children , I know for a fact that some divorce lawyers most twisted secretly encourage their clients to do so. A man should always be the villain and the victim who needs help and sympathy.

Not once you accept things like : "I met another man I loved him more " or " I got bored of the relationship No, it must be the fault of its non - ex - husband 's how it ends marriage. . with an immaculate conscience. they cannot pity her ex husbands, ex-husbands made their should always be the ugliest pigs planet . do not want these poor women feel guilty , right? woman
To make matters worse , the legal system gives the woman a financial incentive when divorce . There are plenty of greedy lawyers , the opportunists in America daily bread peeling ex husbands earn wealth . After her divorce , a large part of his property and future earnings is basically considered to win. And never fall behind on their monthly payments : in recent years , the federal government has been relentlessly chasing ' deadbeat dads " with a vengeance in marriage and outside marriage , men are walking wallets.

And worst of all, many men find that after divorce, lose contact with their children while they are forced to keep their ex-wives financially. Approximately 85 % of children of divorce end of the custody of his mother ... and some children from the custody of their parents have become so after the father had spent thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to prove why they should be saved . ( In Journal of Marriage and the Family , Judge Seltzer published a 1991 study entitled " woman

The relationship between parents and children who live outside " , which revealed that a third of children saw their non-resident parent more than once in the previous year. ) doesn 't this masterpiece of the arrangement as a kind of involuntary servitude ? Having a percentage of your income stripped away from you to subsidize someone more like a form of financial servitude forced , right? ( And it can be an issue for law students , but the 13th Amendment of the U.S. woman
Constitution says no: " Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted , n ' exist in the United States? ... " therefore, an ex-husband is supposed to be a crime now? )

So to sum -up : to marry an American woman , there is a probability of over 45% , which , against his will, his marriage ends and contact with their children is lost ... on top of it, he was harassed by lawyers and forced to support their (ex ) family financially . Have an idiot to take that kind of risk! woman
If love is blind, the American marriage has lost all five senses
As for American guys : if you're a guy that personal satisfaction of making your woman happy is carried , you may have noticed that American women are not happy for long, no matter what you do for them. ( Have you ever been accused by his girlfriend does not show enough affection when really exhausted in a vain attempt to make her happy ? ) They will always have other unmet lying. They always want to buy another useless and expensive gift ... and end - dumping because they cannot give them.

But , of course , you want the best girl you can get because you know you 're a great person and you really have a sincere desire to build a true and lasting relationship. If an American girl ever rejects you , thankful she did before marriage. Hell, she prefers to be with the Lord idiot anyway. I say if that's what you want, if Mr. Asshole ! woman
It is not a secret that women have a tremendous amount of ability to control the power and judicial rights in the United States. In fact , women are the ones who set the rules and conditions of the system of dating , mating and marriage to follow ( their understanding of sex , for starters) . One of the things that women need to perpetuate this arrangement is still a remaining workers and disposable men to follow their rules selfish population. So why be resting ?

Divorce law is a system that is ruthless beyond the capacity of resistance of a single individual, who is averaging system to chew - spit and exclusive benefit of women. You can not tell from your system , or even try. But you can on - think , and there is safety in numbers . One of the things you can do to make life uncomfortable for women predators is idle before the wedding. There are many ways to do this , even just to ask specific questions to the woman you're dating can have an effect. woman
But my main point is, in a way not to be idle is to think in numbers: American women account for 5 % of the world population of women. Chances are , that are the basis of 5 % in terms of quality , as they are probably sexist, selfish and demanding as hell ... and I divorced at least 45 % of the time you marry , guaranteed.
With odds like that, you cannot go wrong by looking abroad! How the standards or reduce sales ? Of course not! Looking abroad , simply extend your search to the most beautiful woman you can find. Allows you to make better decisions.
Or, if you are a real player and is willing to take the risk of marrying an 

American girl , at least insist on a prenuptial agreement and talk to a lawyer about what other divorce laws , you should be aware , for the love of the gods. If your girlfriend refuses to sign a marriage contract like mine, then you get an idea of why he married you . woman
You can say " no" to Folderol that American women have created for you to swallow. And believe me , it is true Folderol . You should always question their shit and refuse to accept their shit. And you can take comfort in the fact that you cannot say "no" and just walk away . What an American woman could claim itself, remember, is likely to be fit to be his wife.

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