The whole universe against me

me My appointment is at nine-thirty. Therefore, I have time to do a little shopping. I put my coat in the house, and walk the short way to the store. me
It is a clear, bright morning, and I'm sure I'll enjoy my day.
Only a handful of people in the store at this time, and no one is in the box. Therefore, it will be easy.

I did not bother with a cart or basket, as it should not take long. I just want a package of frozen fish for my lunch. Quickly find what I want, and then headed to the cashier. me
Two people in front of me and before departure. It should not be long, and I hope it is not, the packet of frozen fish is cold; In fact, it freezes. Cool right hand.

An elderly woman next door. She puts her basket on the counter and the wizard begins to take objects. Three elements were needed; charge for them, then inspects the room. It is a pot of something yellow, and she can not decide how much to pay for it. Studied the package carefully, squinting as if she suffers much sight, before finally nodding and smiling at the elderly. Finally, the wizard calls the back of the store, Mike, support, and looks at him. me

Where is Mike? universe
My hand is cooled. Begins to stop responding.
I spend package of frozen fish in my right hand to my left.
Minutes seem to pass.
Finally, Mike is running somewhere in the store. He joined his colleague and yellow boat was carrying something and examine it. He shakes his head. "I do not know," he said. "Loading this lady ..." He quotes a price that seems very low.
Now finally the customer has made the last in his bag.
Now begins to be your bag.

What? Now?
She did not have the thing ready. Willing to pay? She waited until now to start looking for your purse.
In addition, it seems it can not find.

Stupid woman. me
I am sure that the woman playing the violin at the bottom of your bag. Ah! Now she has found. She pulls out his wallet and opened it, my left hand becomes number. The woman is his credit card. Therefore, that is it. Please go, lady. Please go. She puts her credit card away.

However, no. She is now playing with her shopping bag. Storing things in it. For the love of God, woman! Please, go! me
Now, finally, took her purse and left the store.
One more step to go shopper.
Then I see what it is.
He has a beard, glasses, man. And I start to worry.
In my experience, the glasses are synonymous with problems. And the beard means trouble. In addition, the beard and the glasses are synonymous with quintuple problems.
And, yes, the male client starts talking to the sales girl holding something you want to buy. He asks something.
Its board of directors, it seems.
She tells him.
For a few minutes ...

But apparently, he is not happy with what you have to say.
They chat about what I look at my watch. I will miss the first of only two buses. I spend package fish for my other hand, again.
But now, finally, the male buyer shrugs and pay for their purchases.
And now , thank God , and finally , I do mine .
I leave the store and home run. I went in, put my pack fish in the refrigerator, and leave , closing the door to the bus stop . I missed the bus I wanted to get , but no matter , the service is average , every ten minutes.

And the buses are reliable. me
Until today.

I looked at my watch. No bus arrived at nearly fourteen minutes.
I look at the curve of the road in the distance. Just before that, there is a left turn, which itself is right in front of a very large building, a church.
A car passed me in the opposite direction. Signs of vehicles turning left and stopped, waiting. The vehicle bus approaches expected. My eyes on the bend of the road, waiting for me and I wonder how many times in the past, I saw that bend the afternoon waiting for a bus, when I look now. Then the vehicle the car is waiting for input. It's a truck! And there is nothing behind it immediately because another car turn left and do not stop in the oncoming traffic.

I looked at my watch. I'll miss my appointment. Thank you for this woman stupid. But now, the bus arrives. I get bored, payment, and take a seat. The driver of the bus stop. Slowly. universe
This bus is late! Hurry!
At the next stop, a woman with a partner comes on board. Take a seat on the other side of the bus in front of me. And start arguing. Both have strong, clear voice . These cut through the noise of the bus did. In fact, the only thing I can hear her loud and clear. They talk about their health or, to be more precise, recent operations.

I have no interest in their health or their operations. However, continue to discuss these things in her clear, strong voice. And I take every word, every detail. universe
I looked at my watch. Why this trip lasts three times longer than usual?
"There were no complications with my points ... "
Shut up woman!
Now, finally, we come to town.
But now we come to a red light.
And it takes a long time to turn orange.
"I was not happy with the care that I'm in the hospital, or ... "
For the love of God, please shut up!
But now we move.
But the bus early in our bay.
The bus driver stopped the bus to wait for service before leaving the bay.
" Oh, and I want to tell you about my Hist ... "
I stifle a scream.
universe me
How many more things will go wrong today?
The bus bay opposite the very sluggish. Then the bus am moving too slowly. But now, finally, we reached the bay.
Bus stops.

Thank God. against
People get up from their seats. I , somehow , in the back of the bus , wait until there is a hole in the passengers pass me , sliding in my seat. But now departing passengers in front of me stop. For a bent, crippled, white-haired lady rose from her seat. Grab a stick and walked slowly toward the runway. So these are the steps. She turns around. To speak with the driver!

The queue of passengers waiting to leave the bus stops of the white-haired lady, very ignorant conversations with driver waiting behind her. I heard a few words of their conversation. She asks the driver when the bus back. me against
Come on, you stupid woman!
Oh, she got the information you want.
Now she is trying to get off the bus. But it is hard to walk up the stairs!
For the love of God!
me against
Why not wait until all the other passengers had disembarked before she tried to do? Then you could take all the time he wanted to talk to the driver and get off the bloody buses.
Finally, she gets off the bus and handicap away.
Fortunately, my destination is only a few hundred meters on the sidewalk.
I looked at my watch. I am ten minutes late.
I hurry.
A family comes to me on the sidewalk. A mother, a father, and his two small children in advance. One of them, a boy, extending from one side of the sidewalk and I move away from the curb to avoid it. However, the child changes direction and goes directly to me.

Alternatively, to be more precise, straight to my knees. This happened to me so many times before. Especially when I am in a hurry. Do I need magnetic knee? This is the only explanation I can offer what is happening now. Magnetic knee. As for these kids go. Always. me

My knees. against
Bridging little boy and I hasten on my way. I come to the office. Step through the revolving door and head secretary. She looks up.
I gave him my name. "I have an appointment at nine -thirty, " I said.
She consults a piece of paper on his desk. "Ah, yes," he said. " Is Mrs. Jones -Jones, is not it? "
" Yes," I said.
" I'm afraid Mrs. Jones -Jones is late this morning," he said. "She should be able to see in thirty minutes. Would you take a seat, please? "
Yes, it's a typical day.
me against

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