Do you have a bad day?

Have you ever had a bad day ? Maybe you have a bad day today. What today is a bad day? Is it the circumstances ? Do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Is there anything else it could be ?

I would say that regardless of what happens to you during this " bad day " , you can get the better of him. " How, " you ask? With your attitude.

I remember years ago when I worked for a company of Window cultivate leads for controlling the door. Knock on the door , greet the person to respond , I will give you my address preparation and request an appointment to meet an advisor window in your windows were effective .

On this particular day , I knocked on the door to everything that had to do and I did not get the case. The doors slammed in my face, I was screamed and I was doing my job . I got to the point that I called my supervisor and let him know what was happening and told me to take a little time to recover and get my head back in the game.

My attitude at the time was very bad, and frankly , it was a pity party . So I took a little time and called my girlfriend at the time , now my wife, and she help me redirect my attitude.
In this case , I had to talk to someone who was not in the same situation as I was and had a different to what I did so you can focus on what is right and true purpose now .

After talking to my girlfriend , I was able to refocus and finish the day with a positive attitude and create the results you want for that day.
So as the day goes on , what are the challenges? More importantly , how your attitude affects how you view these challenges ?

Do you have a bad attitude that is at the origin of seeing things from a very negative view , so nothing is done correctly ? Or, are you able to get a positive attitude and see these circumstances as a challenge that you can solve ?

When I'm in a difficult situation, I do my best to address the situation with a positive attitude knowing that I have the ability to solve anything I face . The solution can not be found in my own mind , but can be in the mind of another person . It is for me to work with my team so that the solution can be found .

I encourage you today to look at your situation meets the challenges that you are very capable of solving . You can not have the answer in your own mind. But there are people who can go to that can help you find the right solution.

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